Thinking Ahead

Years ago I learned that one reason the Amish made the decision to eschew electricity was because they felt it would fragment the family, even within the home itself. With an easy way to light the rest of the home, family members would be more likely to go do something on their own rather than spend their evenings together as a family.  Although there were other reasons as well, it impressed me that that kind of long-term thinking was applied to such a decision.  Now another one of those decisions has been made in our culture, one that has surprised many.

The college my oldest son attends made national news this summer for making the decision to not accept Federal Financial Aid for or from its students.  In other words, anyone wishing to attend Wyoming Catholic College will not do so with the help of Pell Grants, Federal student loans, or any other aid option offered by the Federal government.

The acceptance of Federal aid could have brought in in the neighborhood of $700,000 to the school, no small amount for a young, growing institution only ten years old.  It would have made financial aid easier for students and, most likely, there will be potential students who will opt to attend elsewhere due to this decision.  However, like most of the parents of students, we are 100% in agreement with the unanimous decision of the WCC Board of Directors.

We have, unfortunately, come to a place in our country where the government has become more and more intrusive into people’s most closely held religious convictions.  One example is the HHS mandate that requires all employers to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees regardless of the employer’s religious and moral beliefs.  Since the government could have provided free contraception in some other manner, the Supreme Court has consistently voted against the HHS Department in the cases brought before it because it is an undue burden on religious freedom.  Now we have the legalization of same-sex “marriage” and few thinking people doubt that soon there will be lawsuits to force employers of any kind to hire homosexual/lesbian workers even when such lifestyle choices violate the faith of those who own the companies.

WCC is doing what it can to stay out of the Federal web of power.  There may still be battles to be fought, but money won’t be able to be used for leverage.  Another fore-thinking decision that will help preserve a valuable institution.