Name Change?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

–Juliet (Act 2, Scene 2 of “Romeo and Juliet”)

Names are interesting things. Long ago, a person’s name was believed to express that person’s essence–the very core of their being. For that reason, among some cultures, names weren’t given until a child was older or it might be changed later in life. If you’re familiar with the Bible, you know that God changed people’s names when He gave them a new direction or purpose. When He promised Abram a son and descendants, He changed his name to “Abraham,” which means “father of many” even though he was an old man with no children at the time.

Names can be a source of enjoyment or disgust, compliments or jests. When Nolan finished college, but before we moved to Montana to begin ministry, we moved in with a man named Dick (we were waiting until after our baby was born to move). Dick told us that when he went to enter the Army at eighteen, he’d discovered that his real name was “Dickie.” Knowing the trouble that would cause him in boot camp and beyond, he legally changed his name to “Dick” before signing the enlistment papers! I’m sure anyone who has served in the military would heartily agree with that decision!

When I originally started this blog, I wanted to a place to tell our story where anyone who knew us could go read about it without feeling they had to directly ask us. Anyone who knows me personally knows I have a lot of trouble giving fifteen-second soundbites, so this was also a more pain-free option! 🙂 But, it wasn’t too long afterward that I realized I felt pigeon-holed into the topic by the name of my blog, “Catholic4aReason.” It sounds like an apologetics blog and that’s not really what I had in mind (there are way better places for that info. on the ‘Net).

For a long time I’ve wished I’d have named it something else. So, I’m wondering how difficult it would be to rename my blog something that better reflects my purpose? Which also leads to re-thinking the purpose of my blog. Why write?

Well, first, I write because I like it. Although I haven’t done a lot of writing here, I write in my journals and Bible study notebooks. I also am constantly writing in my head (which is a real bummer when I get a good storyline going, but then get interrupted and forget the punchline!).

Second, I write because I have been told that people enjoy reading it. People have been so nice sending me appreciative comments either through text, e-mail, or a note on their Christmas letters about the Christmas letter I sent this year. It was a lot of fun to write and it’s satisfying to know someone enjoyed reading it.

Third, I write because I want to make my little corner of the world just a bit brighter. Whether it’s something funny, educational, or just a beautiful photo or piece of artwork, I want to make people sit down, relax, and enjoy it. I write about my faith because it’s the center of my life, but also because there are times something sparks my thinking about life and eternity. I want to share that with others who might want to think about those things, too.

So, I’m open to suggestions about what to rename this little blog. I’m thinking something life “Tracy’s Musings” or something along that line. But I could just put my name on it, though that seems rather businesslike. Any ideas out there?