Did I write that?

Have you ever looked back at a journal entry or come across a paper you wrote years ago and thought to yourself, “I wrote THAT?” Not because it was lousy, but because it was really rather profound, deep, or meaningful in some way. I felt that way as I was reading my last blog post from February. I mean. WOW, I sure nailed it on the head there! Wish I’d have re-read it a few months later when life had taken some pretty spiraling turns!

My dear friend Sheila and I have often had some pretty deep conversations on God, marriage, child-rearing, and many other topics. Sometimes we talk about the hard things and we offer each other a listening ear, counsel, and prayers. Sometimes we’ve ended some of those conversations with the formerly-distressed one saying, “Thank you. I really needed to hear that.” Then the other responds, “You’re welcome; it’s all the Holy Spirit. But, do me a favor? Remind me of it when I need it later!” It’s a simple acknowledgement that we often forget the spiritual truths God has given us.

This is the way I feel about that blog post. Life has indeed taken some drastic turns and we are now where we never imagined we’d be–living in Lander in our own house! But the journey here has been full of unexpected twists that, for awhile, made our decision to move here look pretty crazy.

In the midst of that “crazy” time, I struggled to hold onto God’s promises. Sometimes His promises seem like they’re for other people, but not me. Ever feel that way? When the bottom dropped out, I wondered if God was really going to catch me or if we were going to hit the bottom. In the next few posts, I’ll tell you the story.