Why Blog?

On June 16, 2002, Nolan and I (with our five children) stood before a congregation at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Conrad, Montana, and gave our full assent to the Apostles’ Creed by becoming Catholic.  Many have asked us, “Why?”  Some have asked with wonderment, some with tears, some in anger, most were just terribly bewildered and very hurt.  Some felt betrayed.  Some were just curious.  We have struggled to answer that question because it is impossible to put a journey like ours into a five-second soundbite.  It just doesn’t work.  Anything we say seems either too trite or too complicated.  This was something we came to after years, not moments, and we cannot explain it in quick terms.

What we have found is that there are different reasons that people ask us that question.  Some want an explanation from their former pastor (Nolan) as to how his theology could change.  Some ask in hopes of quickly directing the conversation to some point that will prove our error and get us back into evangelicalism.  Some have been on their own journey of faith and are curious about ours.   Some are just inquiring minds who want to know.

There are all kinds of reasons behind that question and, consequently, all levels of satisfied knowledge.  How much detail and information is each person wanting?  How often I have over-spoken!  Then there are others who want to know more, but I haven’t time to tell each individual.  So, I’ve decided to blog about our journey a little at a time and try to tell the story and the reasons.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to read as much or as little as they desire.

One thing this blog is not is a place to argue theology.  I’ll figure out how to provide the links for anyone who might want to do that, but I’m not doing that here.  There are places to learn about Catholic teaching in a lot more depth than this blog, with folks who know a lot more than I do.  I don’t mind questions or requests that I discuss a topic in a future post.  I’ll do my best.

This blog is about our journey; a journey of faith, of the drive for truth, of seeking the face of God.

December 2014

Since I’ve started this blog, it has gone very slowly.  I’ve come to realize that I need to expand and talk of other things than just theology because I get too bogged down in heavy subjects.  So, I will also be writing about my thoughts, my faith, and my life.  Hope you enjoy the variety!

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